Fitness, You & I

You want to get fit, achieve personal fitness goals, get in shape for your special event or lose some of the extra kilos that might be somewhere between your head and your ankles..!?

With justtryfit I got the possibility to offer you personal training just as you like it. Everything is possible!

I am certified in:
* Fitness Trainer for inside and outdoor sports
* Nutrition
* Aqua Fitness
* Muay Thai (Thaiboxing)
* Trainer in swimming for babys and kids.

Due to my 10+ years of experience in the Fitness branch you can be sure I’ll help you achieving your personal fitness goals.

If yo don’t want to go through this alone, bring a friend and book a 2on1 or a 3on1 session with me. Take the support you can get. Sharing is caring and together you achieve more. At the same time you’ll take part in a fun workout. Time and kilos will fly in your 45-60min. session.

Remember: Everything is possible!