Just Try!

You want to get fit, achieve personal fitness goals, get in shape for your special event or lose some extra kilos!?

See the options below and contact me to find out what fits best for you!

Remember: Everything is possible.

Group Fitness

We need clear thoughts and mindset to be able to be productive throughout the day. Whether it is in the morning, before work or dropping the kids at school, or in your lunchtime. Give yourself a break, refresh your body & soul and get active! This will change your life and, believe me, it feels … Continue reading Group Fitness

Personal Training

With justtryfit I can offer you qualified and indivdual personal training according to your needs and goals. Due to more than 10 years of experience in the German and South African Fitness branch you can be sure I’ll help you achieving your personal fitness goal. Early morning runs, afternoon walks, lunchtime strenght & functional training … Continue reading Personal Training