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There a two types of people:

Type 1

Most people don’t have time to prepare their breakfast or lunch meals and tend to choose fast food as a quick option. Which is fine, if you choose the chicken salad over a chicken burger.

Type 2

Other people don’t eat at all during the day. At the end of an hectic day at work or home they feel exhausted, probably have a headache and realise they haven’t actually eaten and are hungry.

Obviously the quickest and, most of the time unhealthy option, is fast food.

Fast Food does not only include our well-known fast food restaurants (don’t want to advertise any of them here), but also all kinds of sweets, pastry, so-called fitness-, muesli or diet bars and all kinds of preserved foods.

Don’t get me wrong: For me it is not about promoting being in shape, slim or skinny. For me, the primary reason to not to eat the previous mentioned foods is to take care of our stamina.

Our heart, our organs, veins and arteries.

That is why I share here my favourite receipts with you.


Eat breakfast like a king,… Eat your carbohydrates in the morning and your body has the whole day to burn them.


..lunch like a prince,..


…and dinner like a pauper.