Active Kids!

Our kids are our future. Who are we, when our kids wouldn’t be there? What happens to us when our child is not happy?

A smile on their face, being joyful and exploring the world is what a child should do and be about.

Many kids deal with bullying at school, are too fascinated by Playstations, X-Boxes and TV or play games on their phones while sitting on the couch. Day by Day. As a result they become isolated, obese and sick.

For a child’s development, psychologically as well as physically, it is crucial to get to know their “real” environment, gain confidence and strength in social skills as well as evolving their own personality.
Besides that, fresh air and exercising is necessary for a child’s anatomical development.

Justtryfit! offers programmes to activate the age group of six to 16 years. Not only activation is the aim. Also getting to know a healthy lifestyle and creating this kind of environment for the development of our children.

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